2022 Class B Motorhomes

Travel should be simple and luxurious: that’s the B van user’s mentality. Unlike Class A or Class C motorhomes, these small motorhomes do not have an attached cab; rather, they’re compact vans that include all of the motorhome features within the van itself.

 Class B motorhomes have many names. You’ll hear them referred to as conversion vans, camper vans, B vans and Class B RVs. Despite the name confusion, these small motorhomes are beloved by RV users everywhere.

A Class B RV is an automotive van that has been converted into a residential living space.  RV manufacturers find ingenious ways to convert the van interior into a usable kitchen, bedroom, and living space.


Thor Sequence Camper Van in White Exterior


Class B RV Tellaro by Thor Motor Coach


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Front-to-back Tellaro B Van


Fall in Love with the Benefits of Camper Vans

Camper vans are great for consumers who are beginning the RV lifestyle or simply looking to downsize to get off the beaten path. Camper vans are the ideal fit for people who love the great outdoors and still want a comfortable place to rest their heads at night. They’re versatile, sleek, and still have the essential advantages of larger motorhomes like bench seats, sleeping space, a kitchen, and a wet bath.

Accessibility and Fuel Efficiency 

Many people shop explorer vans for their accessibility. Because they’re much smaller than their Class A and Class C motorhome counterparts, they are easier to drive, easier to park, and easier to store at home. Plus, you’ll save money with fuel-efficient conversion vans.

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Depending on terrain and upfit, the range of the B vans differs. The B van segment will most likely be the most fuel-efficient option in the motorhome market and we’d expect miles per gallon to range in the mid to high teens.


Driving Sequence

Unobtrusive, Compact Design 

There’s nowhere a B van can’t go. As the most compact motorhome option, these compact rvs are welcome virtually everywhere. It’s small enough to park in your garage at home, making it easier to store in between trips. Running errands after you set up at the campground is no big deal since you don’t have to bother with slides.

While there is no universal standard for the length, height and width of a Class B camper van, the models are usually some of the smallest in the industry.  Most Class B vans range from 17’-23’ in length, 9’-11” in height, and 8’ in width. However, it’s best to check the Class B RV specifications to get the precise dimensions of the vehicle you’re interested in.

Sequence Specs

Tellaro Specs

Standard Features Offering Comfort and Class

Although built for function and form, B vans also have an elegant interior design. Camper van interiors include plush furnishings and living amenities. No matter what Class B model you select, you’ll get to choose your floor plan, as well as the color of your furnishings, so your Thor Motor Coach feels like home.


Tellaro Interior


Comparing the Thor Class B Motorhomes

Van life is made simple with a design to include living essentials into a small, transportable package that you can take anywhere. Thor Motor Coach offers a variety of Class B motorhome brands that add elegance and luxury to the B van marketplace.

The Sequence and Tellaro are sister products. The differences between the lines come down to interior styling. The products may also be sold to different dealerships throughout North America.


Sequence Living Area

See it All, in a Sequence

You can count on one of the most fuel-efficient options in the market to take you further. See it all, in a Sequence.

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Get All of the Features You Love, in a Tellaro

All the features you love from a larger motorhome, in a compact and easy to drive camper van. This is the Tellaro.

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Tellaro Interior


Must-Have Class B Motorhome Features

As a top Class B motorhome manufacturer, we’ve made sure to include key features and amenities in each of our B van brands. We’ve partnered with Thule® to provide outdoor enthusiast accessories that provide rooftop access, powered awning shade and space to bring bikes along for the adventure. GoPower!® 190-watt solar panels are also available to give your boho camper van prolonged boondocking viability.

Unique Class B Motorhome Floor Plans

Life on the road is wonderful, and we want to make sure you find a floor plan made to fit your needs. All six of our Class B vans come with unique and versatile floor plans with a sleeping area, living space, fully-equipped kitchen and bathrooms on most models. If you can’t decide what’s best for you or have any questions, our Coach Link® Sales Team is here to help.

Class B vans take creativity in the utilization of space. Models in the Sequence and Tellaro lines can sleep up to four with the optional Sky Bunk™ roof.

Many RV enthusiasts are now choosing to live full-time in their Class B RVs. It's important to consider the features of the Class B motorhome in order to decide if it will match your family's camping lifestyle. We have compiled a useful how-to video that highlights how to use your Class B motorhome and the many features that make our camper vans a great fit for your family. 


Where Can I Buy a Class B Motorhome?

Thor Motor Coach Partners with dealers all across the United States. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find a Class B motorhome for sale near me?” simply find a dealer near you to get the best pricing on a B van today.

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